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Twentyseven Global is deeply experienced with designing and delivering Microsoft .Net based solutions. Our team of Microsoft engineers are well versed on the latest Microsoft based technologies to quickly solve your technology problems.

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Microsoft .Net Technologies

  • Microsoft .NET Framework is the core software development language and toolkit for developing MS based web applications.
  • Owin/Katana Architecture to create a lightweight, portable, host agnostic web applications.
  • ASP.NET MVC / Web Api ensures proper coding technique and separation of business/presentation logic.
  • AngularJS provides client-side JavaScript framework; prescriptive, MVC (MVVM) design pattern.
  • Bootstrap provides a mobile-first responsive design framework for front-end development.
  • Log4net provides framework for logging and site analytics.
  • Entity Framework provides data model abstraction and provides flexibility to the data model over time.
  • Windows Communication Framework 4 & Windows Workflow Foundation 4 provide mechanisms to easily interface with existing systems and workflows.

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