Separation Anxiety: Moving Your Project

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It’s true: Software projects often fizzle out or just plain fail. In fact, research has shown 55% of IT professionals claimed a failed project in the past year—usually due to a lack of engagement, poor planning, budget issues, scope creep, and developer or agency abandonment. With every doomed project, however, there comes a time when […]

When and Why AWS Billing Alerts Matter

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Regardless of how you’re using Amazon Web Services (AWS), an important first step – after enabling multi-factor authentication – is setting up budget and billing alerts. Last month I shared the costly consequences of not taking these steps. This month, I’ll share another expensive lesson learned that underscores the importance of AWS billing alerts, along […]

AWS Billing Alerts: 5 Steps to Saving Money in Cloud Services

AWS billing alerts: a picture of U.S. $100 bills

A couple of years ago I was developing a new high availability (HA) system for a past employer. The project used a Mongo database to capture a gargantuan amount of financial data from live streams. By luck, Amazon had just released DocumentDB, which is essentially a clone of the Mongo 3.x API—a perfect fit for […]