Be the Best, Expect the Best; Software Development Company Unifies Its Onshore and Offshore Teams With Core Values

As a custom software development company, Twentyseven Global holds itself to the highest standards. To ensure the custom development served to clients surpasses expectations, both the onshore and offshore teams at Twentyseven Global pride themselves on adhering to one of the core values of the company: “Be the Best. Expect the Best.”

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When Twentyseven Global says “Be the Best. Expect the Best.”, it is about striving to reach the highest potential. Every employee, whether they work in the Kansas City, Denver or Vietnam office, strive for personal excellence while helping teammates reach their highest potential. Being and expecting the best from the team results in work produced by Twentyseven Global being of the highest quality time after time.

Creighton O’Neal, vice president of Twentyseven Global Denver, says, “‘Be the Best. Expect the Best.’ is not just an expression at Twentyseven Global. Having the highest expectations for ourselves and our employees fosters growth and creativity within our organization and results in positive engagements with our clients.”

Coordinating onshore and offshore teams requires embracing diverse cultures. Clearly articulating and communicating core values is one way to bridge the gap and create a shared culture. On a recent visit to their development center in Vietnam, Twentyseven Global executives took the opportunity to discuss the company’s five core values with offshore leadership. The team in Vietnam responded by creating team polo shirts that feature one of the shared core values.

By sharing the core value of “Be the Best, Expect the Best,” the Twentyseven Global onshore and offshore teams are jointly motivated to deliver consistent quality on all projects and share a pride of working with teammates who are–the best!

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