Behind-the-Scenes of Twentyseven Global’s Dynamic Summer Internship Program

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Twentyseven Global’s inaugural summer internship program is in the books and was a complete success. Steve Roatch, CEO, stressed the program’s requirement stating, “Our interns at Twentyseven Global are valuable team members who are given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and real-life skills that prepare them for their future careers.” Artemis Ma, Twentyseven Global’s first consulting intern says, “This is not a rigidly structured workplace at all. You will never feel like you are at the bottom of the pyramid, but rather an indispensable side of an equilateral.”

Artemis emphasizes that this internship allows you to learn so much more than writing lines of code. Getting hands-on experience is the primary reason for students seeking an internship. At Twentyseven Global, interns will get a sense of all facets in the lifecycle of a project – large or small. They assist with the entire project management process for multiple projects simultaneously.

Those participating in Twentyseven Global’s internship program are taught real-life software engineering processes starting with the basics all the way down to the details. Specifically, interns will get the chance to work on multiple software development projects including creating wireframes, writing software requirement specifications and quality assurance testing.

The location is also a plus. Speaking about the Denver office, Artemis goes on to describe, “The building where our office is located is a diverse and open workplace with many other mid-sized companies within the technology industry. The city is young, vibrant and modern with breathtaking scenery, excellent infrastructure and an entrepreneurial spirit.”

Artemis believes the culture at Twentyseven Global is what truly separates it from the pack. “The culture here is highly efficient, innovative, cooperative, human-centered and task-oriented. Efficiency is expected and valued more than long hours. Everyone here is genuinely understanding and supportive of each other. Cooperation is essential across all projects. The company’s close relationship with startups and offshore development teams contribute to the energetic, diverse, and innovative work environment,” said Artemis.

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