Colorado-Based Digital Health Startup Generator 10.10.10 Plans to Go Global


Since its launch two years ago, 10.10.10 has been working to solve various “wicked” problems that plague the healthcare industry. Led by Eric Byington, managing director, 10.10.10 brings together entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals to come up with innovative solutions to these problems. According to Cyber Med News, the generator has already spawned several digital health startups including Burst IQ, Airstream Health and Concert Health.


According to the Denver Post, 10.10.10 holds a 10-day conference each June that invites 10 CEO’s to solve 10 of the worst problems in healthcare. These problems range from improving transportation of low-income patients to hospitals to using virtual reality to create simulated companions for the elderly. The CEO’s who are accepted into 10.10.10 are considered “serial entrepreneurs,” according to Byington. They are individuals who have previously raised significant amounts of capital, built and retained a strong team and have experienced at least one successful exit.


Byington sees a bright future for 10.10.10. In the next five years, he would like to see more hubs of volunteers and entrepreneurs working together to solve healthcare problems in cities like Boston to Johannesburg and more. In order to get the program established in other cities, 10.10.10 is currently working on streamlining its venture generation process. The organization is also planning to create a SaaS-based platform that allow these hubs to communicate efficiently. The platform will permit the volunteers and entrepreneurs alike to share information about wicked problems and the discuss best ways to solve them.


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