Colorado Health Tech Startup Gives Cancer Patients New Hope Everywhere


A Colorado cancer tech startup has been making huge waves in the digital health scene, and Denver custom software development company, Twentyseven Global, wanted to learn more. Surefire Medical Inc., based in Westminster, Colo., is giving liver cancer patients new hope with its advanced FDA approved catheter.

This new cancer treatment technology could change the way doctors treat thousands of liver cancer patients. According to Surefire Medical’s website, the catheter is designed with double-stranded steel braid for maximum control. It offers improved trackability, enhanced delivery and optimized torque.


Surefire Medical’s improved catheter. Photo Source: Surefire Medical Inc.

According to an article from The Denver Channel, doctors use a catheter in a minimally-invasive surgery to deliver beads of chemo and radiation directly to the tumor in the liver. Surefire Medical’s catheter has a valve on the tip that helps direct the beads of medication to where they are supposed to go and also prevents them from flowing to other parts of the body.

Dr. Charles Nutting, an interventional radiologist treating liver cancer cases, swears by the improved catheter. In the same article from The Denver Channel, Nutting says, “Before, it was a little bit of a guessing game, but with this device, I’m pretty confident I can deliver almost 100 percent of what I’m trying to deliver. It also decreases the time of the procedure and we can give higher doses of therapy.”

In Denver, the health technology industry has thrived this year. According to an article on Confluence Denver, several health tech startups, including RxRevu, RxAssurance, CirrusMD, Kindara and Prima-Temp, all received funding this year. There’s also the development of the new Catalyst Health-Tech Innovation that will accelerate innovation and drive change for the healthcare industry. The organization plans to transform Colorado into the top digital health cluster in the nation by 2020.

Creighton O’Neal, vice president of client services for custom software development company Twentyseven Global, says, “Congratulations to Surefire Medical for their ongoing innovation in the digital healthcare space. Colorado continues to surge towards their goal to be the top digital healthcare ecosystem in the United States.”

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