Colorado Startup Couragion Helps Students Pursue STEM Careers, Wins at 2016 APEX Awards


Colorad0-based startup Couragion took home a special honor at the APEX awards earlier this month. The 16th annual APEX Awards were held earlier this month in Denver by the Colorado Technology Association to recognize the various achievements of Colorado tech companies.

Couragion, a startup company that helps students get into STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers through mentorship, was awarded Startup of the Year. Couragion was recognized for its level of innovation, finding a significant need in the marketplace and taking the initiative to solve a problem in its field.

The need for startups like Couragion is growing. According to The Journal, a recent study found that approximately half of 2016 American high school graduates were interested in pursuing a STEM career, but only 25 percent of those students met or surpassed the ACT College Readiness Benchmark in STEM which determines the readiness of a student for first-year college courses in a STEM-related major.

Couragion, according to 9 News, works alongside students and teachers alike to not only get kids more interested in STEM careers, but provide necessary tools to help them succeed. The startup company makes it easier to connect students to mentors, role models, and industry leaders. This can be difficult to coordinate, especially at smaller schools. In addition to serving high school students, Couragion also sets up special events for job seekers in STEM fields like networking events and guest speakers.

Twentyseven Global strives to support students who are seeking careers in technology. This past summer, we launched a software development-focused internship program at our Denver office. Read this blog to learn more about Artemis’ summer internship.


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