Crashpad for Kansas City Techies: Home for Hackers

Kansas City is known as a great place for the tech industry and is still an attractive and thriving startup community. With incentives like three months of free rent, utilities and Google Fiber, Homes for Hackers attracts new startups to Kansas City.



Image Credit: Homes for Hackers


For techies who have a dream of inventing the next big thing in the tech world, the affordability is only part of the draw. “Hackers” in this regard is a relative term. It implies a title that is quite sought after for those whose talent includes web design, app development and coding.  


The heart of the country has drawn in tenants from all over the world including Boston, Beijing and Bangladesh, with the shared vision of making it big in the tech world. After a few months, some are able to advance their career to bigger and better things, while others leave town in pursuit of new dreams.


Twentyseven Global CEO Steve Roatch said “The solution to the tech-talent shortage is creating new talent, not competing for existing talent.  Hats off to Home for Hackers for being part of the solution.”


The founder of Homes for Hackers, Ben Barreth, is a local web engineer. After the exciting arrival of Google Fiber in 2012, Barreth acted on his dream to help entrepreneurs in the tech industry get a jump start. After almost four years of renovating the home and assisting tenants, he has decided it’s time to move on. The acquisition of Homes for Hackers by co-worker Jeff Durbin, will allow the legacy to continue as the new owner is happy to keep hackers’ dreams alive to make it in the tech world.

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