Denver and Kansas City-Based Software Development Firm, Twentyseven Global, Discusses the Growth of the Denver Startup Community


It was a big year of success for Denver startups in 2015. According to a report on, Denver startups landed more than $822 million in venture capital funding during 2015, with the biggest share going to Denver’s technology sector. Between 2014 and 2015, Denver startups almost doubled the amount of venture capital funding raised. According to an article on, in 2014 Denver landed about $480 million in venture capital funding compared to the $822 million earned in 2015.

Denver and Kansas City-based custom software development firm, Twentyseven Global, is an avid supporter of startups and entrepreneurs. Creighton O’Neal, vice president of client services for Twentyseven Global, says, “The growth in venture capital funding from 2014 to 2015 has been phenomenal. We look forward to seeing even more growth in 2016. One of the main drivers for Twentyseven Global opening an office in Denver was because of the active startup community and the opportunity to provide these startups our service offerings.”

According to Erik Mitisek, CEO of the Colorado Technology Association, Colorado is poised to become the uncontested tech hot spot between San Francisco and New York City. The BusinessDen report shows that for every $100 raised in the largest funding rounds reported to the SEC by Denver-based companies in 2015, over half went to hardware and software companies.  Besides technology, the energy, food and cannabis sectors also received a good portion of capital funding.

Play-it Health, a client of Twentyseven Global, has benefited from this influx in venture capital. Last year the startup was awarded funding from the 2015 Digital Health challenge created by Prime Health. The challenge connected early-stage digital health companies with Colorado healthcare leaders. Play-it Health was one of eight Digital Health Challenge startup finalists given the opportunity to pitch to investors, and winners were awarded a portion of $150,000 in funding.

To read the full BusinessDen report, click here.

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