Denver and Colorado Tech Industry Driving Job Growth

By Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global

Top economists and business leaders in Colorado believe that job numbers will continue to rise in 2014 and that the tech industry will lead the way in growth.

According to Xconomy, the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business compiled a study that concluded that Coloradans can expect to see 61,000 new jobs in the state, most of them in the IT and tech industry. There will be so many new jobs, in fact, that there might not be enough talent to fill them.

(Photo Credit: Xconomy)

The study reported, “One of the greatest challenges facing the industry is the talent pool shortage. Employment data and discussions with industry suggest modest growth in the state’s software publishing sector in 2014. The modest growth rate is largely due to the fact that the industry continues to be unable to find qualified workers, which leaves many unfilled jobs,” it said.

The outlook for the tech industry is bright in certain cities, however. According to a report released by the Kauffman Foundation, Colorado had four of the 10 communities with the highest densities in tech startups, including Denver, Boulder and Colorado.

According to Richard Wobbekind, executive director of the Leeds School’s Business Research Division and author of the study, “Colorado has strategic advantages in the professional and business services sector given the highly educated workforce, innovative spirit and small-business base that we have in the state.”

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