Kansas City Custom Software Development Company, Twentyseven Global, Looks Into How Mobile App Development Can Help Transform Healthcare


Sora Medical Solutions LLC’s health tech mobile app ApolloMED. Photo Source: Kansas City Business Journal

Healthcare is one of the leading industries taking advantage of mobile app development. Different tech startups and companies, like Kansas City- and Denver-based custom software development company Twentyseven Global, are helping to develop these mobile apps to improve standards and eliminate any inconsistencies.

Last year, Play-it Health, a client of Twentyseven Global, launched a health tech mobile app called Plan-it Med. The mobile app helps patients accurately stay on track with their medical plan and provides reminders and education so that users can improve health engagement. Plan-it Med was created through the Twentyseven Global startup program, Factory 27. Play-it Health Founder Dr. Kimberly Gandy got inspiration for the app after watching patients struggle with engaging and adhering to their medical regimen.

According to an article on WhaTech.com, mobile app development in the healthcare industry can help improve patient engagement, give easier access to healthcare services, offer better patient safety and reduce healthcare fraud. There are endless possibilities as to what can be done with mobile app development in the healthcare industry.  

More recently, Overland Park-based tech startup Sora Medical Solutions LLC created a health tech mobile app that could help standardize patient diagnosis in healthcare. According to Sora’s website, nearly 12 million people in the United States will receive an incorrect diagnosis or have the symptoms of a harmful disease go undetected. By creating ApolloMED Clinical Decision Support Solution, Sora offers physicians ready access to the most pertinent information necessary to confirm diagnosis and proceed with treatment.

According to an article in the Kansas City Business Journal, the mobile app prompts doctors with a set of questions to help diagnose a patient. A set of algorithms creates a series of questions that will lead the doctor to a diagnosis based on the answers. Dr. Jeff Dunn, co-founder of Sora Medical Solutions LLC, noticed inconsistencies with patient diagnoses. Doctors weren’t giving the right diagnosis or using evidence-based care, so Dunn wanted to create a solution.

In the Kansas City Business Journal article, Dunn said, “Other industries have standardized practices – the auto industry, construction and even aviation has a checklist for pilots and so on. It’s time for healthcare to be standardized. We need to push the frontier. We can save a lot of lives through standardizing.” On Sora’s website it says that an estimated 160,000 deaths each year are attributed to diagnostic errors.

To read the full Kansas City Business Journal article, click here.

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