Factory 27 Features New Client Pearl Leaves

by Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global

At Twentyseven Global, we have been extremely excited about the clients we have had a chance to work with at Factory 27, our full-service software development suite for startups.In the coming months, we plan on telling you more about each of the start-ups that we have collaborated with.

Pearl Leaves is one of the seven great clients currently in the Factory 27 program.

Founded in July of 2012, Pearl Leaves is a mobile medical software company that designs software solutions and services to make adherence to medical regimens easier and more enjoyable.

Their products, which include eBooks, smartphone apps, games and web worlds, are aimed towards both the patients and the providers. For the patients, their products’ goal is to make following doctor’s orders simple and fun. For the providers, the app aims to empower their patients to stay healthy and motivated.

Pearl Leaves was recently honored with the selection into the Digital Sandbox KC program. Over 90 startups applied for funding and mentoring and only six were chosen.

As they round out their first year as a company, Pearl Leaves continues to impress us with their work. We cannot wait to show you what new products they have on the way!

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