Hack the Midwest Shows Innovation is Alive and Well in KC

by Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global

A few weeks ago, Hack the Midwest took place at Sporting Park. More than 150 developers participated in the event, which lasted 24 hours and about 30 apps were presented.

Hack the Midwest is an amazing event put on by Michael Gelphman of Kansas City IT Professionals and it is one of the must-attend tech events in the Midwest every year! KCITP describes itself as a grassroots effort to build and strengthen the local tech community. With more than 10,000 members, they participate in events, social media and philanthropic efforts. In addition to Hack the Midwest, KCITP puts on great events like Big Data Kansas City and Compute Midwest.

Check out the winners from Hack the Midwest on KCITP’s blog post. Some of our favorites are listed below:

Bark.IM: Best Use Of Context.io API

The best use of the Context.io API award went to the team that created Bark.IM, built by Beshoy Girgis, Adam Muslimov, Kim McReynolds, Paul Shoemaker. The team received a $500 cash prize from Context.IO!

About Bark.IM

Bark.IM is your new best friend! We will keep a secure, watchful eye on your email and when we see a match to one of your custom alert filters, we’ll send you a text message. You tell Bark what you want. Be as broad or as specific as you like. Bark will pass the message on. You can relax and stop watching your Inbox. Bark.IM will deliver the messages you want to your phone instantly.

Call Me Maybe: Best Use Of Twilio API

The best use of the Twilio API award went to “Call Me Maybe”, built by Todd Way, Jennifer Wadella, Joe Longstreet and Russell Madsen. They got 2 iPad Minis from Twilio for their winning entry!

About Call Me Maybe

Call Me Maybe aims to solve the issue of needing to read important emails during a commute. Users are able to set flags and preferences in the interface for when and what emails they would like to receive read outloud via phone call. Both male and female voices are offered, each with their own helpful interface guide.


Stay tuned to KCITP.com for more information on the winners and some of the great ideas developed by particpants in Hack the Midwest! They already have a blog up about a family of hackers that created a winning app.

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