Highlights From Twentyseven Global’s Most Recent Visit to Offshore Software Development Center in Saigon, Vietnam


Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global, and Matt Henley, VP of Client Service, have just returned from a business trip to Vietnam to meet with the offshore development center in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). The Saigon location works hand-in-hand with the Kansas City and Denver offices to complete various software development projects.

The team at Twentyseven Global chose Vietnam as the home of our offshore development center over nations like China and India, known outsourcing epicenters, for several reasons. According to CIO, Vietnam came on the radar as a potential offshoring partner when the country joined the World Trade Organization in 2007. Their involvement in the WTO has been a driving factor in becoming an offshoring destination. In addition, Vietnam has a young and highly educated talent pool with a large number of IT professionals who have worked in, and visited, English-speaking countries; which helps break down the language barrier.

The Kansas City and Denver offices provide consulting services, oversee project management and test for quality assurance. Once the project outline and goals are established, the project is sent to the Saigon office to carry out the coding. The Saigon location has access to over 1,000 software engineers who have expertise in writing for full stack JavaScript, Java, Ruby, LAMP and .Net programming languages. The developers in Saigon rank in the top 5 percent of their peer group – making them the best of the best. The Saigon office primarily builds iOS and Android apps, mobile web browser solutions, and web-based and Software-as-a-Service solutions for our clients.

Steve, Matt and other Twentyseven Global team members from Kansas City and Denver visit the offshore development center in Vietnam frequently to work on software development processes and methodologies, team building and office culture. To learn more about Twentyseven Global’s offshore development center, click here.



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