Insight from Custom Software Development Company Twentyseven Global: Kansas City Named as Launch Pilot Location for Bridj Program

Kansas City has always been an entrepreneurial city. With the ever increasing tech density and  appeal to tech startups, the humble Midwestern city has attracted national technology players. Bridj, an urban technology company from Boston, along with the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, are launching a pilot program to extend urban mobility with Ford Transit Vans.

kansas city bridj program

The KCATA is spending $1.3 million dollars on this pilot program. Users can download an app and book trips in real time. Ford is providing custom vans accommodating up to 14 passengers. Powered by billions of data points, Bridj’s technology platform determines where riders want to go and how to get them there in the most efficient way.

This exciting, new, one-year experiment hopes to improve access to jobs and be a catalyst for social and economic opportunity. In an article announcing the new pilot program written by Bridj, Robbie Makinen, KCATA President and CEO said, “By combining the intelligence of Bridj technology with capable and flexible Ford Transit vehicles, we are creating a seamless and borderless transportation network for our residents that is easy to use, comfortable and affordable.”

Because of Kansas City’s commitment to innovation and its entrepreneurial spirit, the KCATA was chosen as an attractive partner. As technology innovation rises, Kansas City continues to be a catalyst for growth nationally in the technology sector.

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