Insight from Kansas City and Denver-Based Custom Software Development Firm, Twentyseven Global: Solving Tech Talent Scalability


Kansas City and Denver-based custom software development company, Twentyseven Global, was created to solve the nightmare midsized companies are facing as a result of talent shortage in software development. This shortage results in wage pressures, difficulty finding key skill sets and an inability to scale a team quickly enough to meet business milestones. Midsized companies are currently forced to spend heavily on recruiting firms, hire expensive consulting boutiques or risk their projects being developed by hard to manage offshore teams.

Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global, learned about these challenges first-hand in his prior role as the COO of another software company. Roatch said, “Each option had its limitation. We hired recruiters, but couldn’t find more than one or two good programmers per month to add to our team. As a small company, we couldn’t afford well-heeled consultants and systems integrators. And the offshore teams calling on us simply had no hope of understanding our business.”

With most offshore firms, you send your work offshore and they provide limited local project management or consulting leadership, if any. Worse, in mature outsourcing markets like India, there is so much competition for resources that your offshore provider will likely hire new employees for your project. Adding communication gaps and distance to the challenge of assembling a new team is not a recipe for success.

Roatch said, “Twentyseven Global was born out of the necessity to solve this problem. We built a system that leverages the advantages of both a local and offshore team. Our local team has the project management, architecture, consulting and quality control skills required to make a project successful. Our offshore team has a ready supply of software developer talent.”

Twentyseven Global has cultivated a partnership with its offshore team in Vietnam over the course of more than six years.

Roatch explains, “There is no shortcut here. You can’t manage an offshore team by remote control. You have to do the hard work of building a team and need a process that works. In our case, we travel across the globe so our clients don’t have to.”

Twentyseven Global executives frequently travel to Vietnam to work on software development processes, tools, deliverables and methodologies; as well as team building, office culture and working relationships.

In a previous blog, Twentyseven Global discussed IT talent shortages in Kansas City. There are over 2,000 unfilled tech jobs in Kansas City, even though Kansas City has proved to be a leader in the technology industry. Roatch said, “Twentyseven Global helps mitigate IT skills and shortages by providing access to hard to find talent. For example we can launch a skilled Microsoft.Net team of five to ten developers in two to four weeks. We lead these teams by skilled project managers, consultants and architects on our local team.”

To learn more about Twentyseven Global’s custom software development services, click here.

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