Insight from Kansas City Custom Software Development Company, Twentyseven Global: The Evolution of Kansas City as a Leader in Digital Technology


With more urban cities developing across the globe, cities are implementing digital technology in an effort to help manage complexity, increase city efficiency, reduce expenses and overall improve the quality of life. Kansas City has been an industry leader in digital technology, and through different initiatives and programs continues to advance in the technology world.

Steve Roatch, CEO of Kansas City custom software company Twentyseven Global, said, “It has been exciting to watch Kansas City advance in the digital technology space.  With many Digital Playbook projects underway and the Gigabit City Summit coming in May, 2016 will be a big year for Kansas City’s IT community.”

Kansas City is developing a culture of digital experimentation reinforced by civic leaders in the Digital Playbook. The playbook states that Kansas City needs to “drive innovation through demonstration.” In a previous blog, Kansas City custom software development firm, Twentyseven Global, discussed Kansas City’s top technology developments from 2015; a big year for the technology industry in Kansas City. The city was not only named one of the best places for tech startups and women in tech, but has also received national recognition as a technology hub, causing larger companies to expand.

In a recent article in the Startland News, Aaron Deacon, managing director of KC Digital Drive, highlights how Kansas City is one of the few cities moving quickly to experiment with digital technology. Governments and city organizations are developing apps and tools in an attempt to better manage construction and city projects. For example, Burns & McDonnell created the Public Way app to help coordinate a massive 25-year project to reduce and eliminate overflows of contaminants into the metropolitan sewer system. Then there is also PlanIT Impact created by Draw Architecture that allows designers, planners and stakeholders to better understand how a building or site will perform in regard to energy and water use, greenhouse gas emission, proximity to public transportation, potential ROI and more. To read the full Startland News article, click here.

Through these different smart-city developments and successes, Kansas City has proven it’s a national leader in the digital technology space. Roatch said, “If you have a smart city idea and need expert software development help to get it off the ground, contact us! We’d love to help.”

Twentyseven Global specializes in custom software development on a wide range of platforms, from Java to Microsoft .Net to all popular mobile operating systems. To learn more about Twentyseven Global’s custom software services, click here.

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