Kansas City and Denver-Based Custom Software Development Company, Twentyseven Global, Announces the Return of Techweek to Kansas City


Kansas City and Denver-based custom software development company, Twentyseven Global, can’t wait for the return of Techweek, scheduled for the week of September 12, 2016. Techweek is the leading technology conference in the nation, spotlighting innovation and emerging tech voices in cities across the globe.

Last year, Techweek added Kansas City as a stop on its annual conference tour for the first time, and more than 5,000 people were in attendance. This year the conference is celebrating its 5 year anniversary and has added two more cities to the tour, including Dallas and Toronto. Other cities on the tour include Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami and New York.

Matt Henley, vice president of Twentyseven Global’s Kansas City headquarters, said, “Techweek is a fantastic opportunity for Kansas City, and we’re excited to see it returning again this year. The caliber of speakers and events in a single festival is unparalleled anywhere in the region. It’s a real marquee event for the city.”

In an article in the Kansas City Business Journal, Katy Lynch, CEO of Techweek, said, “Our mission is to build a better world through tech entrepreneurship. The big thing that a lot of people don’t know about us or what we’re doing is that we’ve made a five-year commitment to build a South by Southwest-style event in Kansas City that is going to promote innovation by engaging within the entire tech ecosystem here and really shine a national media spotlight on the awesome companies that are growing here.”

By having the Techweek conference here in Kansas City for the next five years, it will only add to Kansas City’s credibility as a tech hub and centers the metro area as a knowledgeable authority in technology innovation. Techweek will help highlight the many amazing things that Kansas City has done in the tech and entrepreneurial world giving it national recognition.

To learn more about this year’s conference, click here.

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