Kansas City Mobile App Development Firm Builds New Wine App

By Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global

Twentyseven Global completed a rich array of mobile app development services for Winebuys, a new wine app for consumers, retailers and winemakers. Winemakers can use the app to market their labels; retailers can use it to notify consumers about new wines, wine tastings, pricing and gifting promotions; and consumers can use it to find that perfect bottle of wine and share information across social networking sites.

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Winebuys, available for iPhone and Android.

Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global, said, “We are excited to launch such a robust and flavorful app for the wine industry. This will be a new opportunity to connect consumers, winemakers and retailers so they have one place to get everything they need to know about wines. Additionally, the gifting component we built allows retailers to collect new information about their customers as well as customize offers they want to push out when new wines, offers or tastings are available. By leveraging mobile technology, the wine industry can maximize its connection with consumers, promote its products and build valuable customer data.”

According to Andrew Hoehner, “Twentyseven Global knocked it out of the park. We were looking for a mobile and software development firm that could come to us with the best and brightest ideas to modify and streamline our app for the entire industry. Steve Roatch and his team knew exactly what to propose and did it in a way that was easy for us non-IT folks to understand. We are so happy with the application and know it will be a huge success! We could not have done this without Twentyseven Global and highly recommend the company.”

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