Kansas City Mobile App and Software Developer Reviews iKC

This past Wednesday, Kansas City hosted iKC, a premier conference on innovation and entrepreneurship. Kansas City is the hotspot for tech startups and entrepreneurial opportunities.  Twentyseven Global is honored to be part of this outstanding community.  Here is a brief recap for those of you who could not attend the event by Think BIG Partners.

iKC Answers KC’s Question: How Do You Build a Startup in the Midwest?

Kansas City has that “something”.  It’s hard to put my finger on exactly what that “something” is…but one thing is for sure: it’s there.  I was lucky enough to sit in on an iKC panel this morning called How to Build a Start and Stay in the Midwest, where 3 panelists and one moderator talked about what that “something” is and how we can improve upon the entrepreneurial scene, not only in Kansas City, but in the Midwest.

Tom Boozer (UMKC), moderator of the panel, started the session by asking the following question: What makes us different than Boston’s tech hub?

And what about Silicon Valley?

What about Austin?

These three cities have truly utilized their growing tech and entrepreneur scenes and have become brands.  Can Kansas City, the Midwest (or in an entrepreneurial scene, Silicon Prairie) do this as well?  Can our geographical location become a brand as well?


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