Kansas City Mobile Application and Software Development Company Reviews Placing Your BET On Mobile

Two years ago Google CEO Eric Schmidt introduced his vision of “mobile first.” Since then, mobile application downloads have grown by a factor of 15 to nearly 50 billion downloads. Gartner projects brand spending on mobile advertising will grow from 0.5 percent of the total advertising budget in 2010 to over four percent in 2015. There are so many options; banner ads to QR codes on print media to .mobi websites, SMS campaigns and clever games. But you’re not playing. You’re going to connect with your customer in a strong, engaging and personal way that only mobile platforms can deliver. Your mobile strategy starts with your…

Brand. A mobile device is personal and always at your customer’s hand. Take this opportunity to provide some of your company’s brand essence into that hand. What is the unique experience your brand creates? How should your customer feel while encountering your brand? What consistent experiences does your customer expect with your brand? The things that drive a customer’s emotional connection to your brand will define the requirements for your mobile strategy. Now that you’ve created the connection, you’re ready to…

Engage your customer. Where do your processes intersect with your customers’? Your customers’ processes are shopping, purchasing and getting support. Let the point of intersection be the mobile device. Give them the information they need to shop and teach them about your product. Connect them quickly to the right support information or personnel. Help them to buy your product. Yes, help them make…

Transactions. Your customers may spend 30 minutes on your website and perhaps longer in your store. On your mobile application or mobile website, they’ll spend 30 seconds. A mobile device knows its location and a mobile user may personalize his or her settings. Effective use of these mobile elements can help a business provide customers with location and context specific information; this information can influence your customer in the moment of choice. A mobile application worth building will provide the customer with 30-second transaction opportunities.

Mobile isn’t simply another channel. It’s the first channel. An effective mobile strategy will help a company reinforce its brand, better engage its customers and provide additional transaction opportunities. Are you ready? It’s time to place your BET on mobile.

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