Kansas City Mobile Application & Software Development Company Reviews Why Software Developers Rule The Economy

I remember when I was a kid my dad would recite in his sinister mock-radio voice, “He who controls magnetism controls the world!”  That’s from a Dick Tracy radio show, based on the comic strip from his childhood.  It was probably appropriate for the times, when technology was being used to rapidly advance the industrial economy.  So who controls the world now in this information economy?  Software developers of course, according to Marc Andreesen, Apple Computer and yours truly at Twentyseven Global.  We’re fortunate to see this first hand, as our clients innovate with new customer engagement strategies, productivity enhancements and new products and services, all driven by software.  What’s your innovative idea?  We’d love to help you build it.

Check out this article, by Joe McKendrick at www.zdnet.com, on today’s economic elite.

Software developers rule the economy now 

Marc Andreessen’s declaration last summer that software is eating the world has spurred quite a bit of discussion about the overwhelming power of the digital economy. Lately, Patrick Moran added his own additional, interesting perspective: software developers are today’s new economic elite.

“Today, companies can’t even succeed without a data API for hackers. Ask Box.net. Ask Salesforce. Ask any relevant software company. Social. Mobile. Global. Big Data. APIs. These software strategies are more critical than ever before. This isn’t temporary. This is the future. More and more (and more) businesses will be going public and/or profiting on the creative leadership of innovative developers.”

Patrick adds that our economic future lies with what he proudly calls “the nerds” – specifically, he adds, “those nerds that code. And this is a good thing. They are smart. There has never been a better time to be a nerdpreneur.”

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