Kansas City Software Development & Mobile App Firm Congratulates Brad Feld’s New Fiberhouse in Kansas City Startup Village

In the three months that Google Fiber has been live, Kansas City Startup Village has been recognized across the nation in publications like the Huffington Post and the Associated Press to national television stations such as CNN’s Anderson Cooper. As of February 13, another home has been added to the startup village.

According to Thinking Bigger Business Magazine, Brad Feld, a venture capitalist that helped start Foundry Group in Boulder, Colo., has purchased a three-bedroom home in the same neighborhood of Home for Hackers and KCSV. He has announced the KC Feld Fiberhouse Competition, inviting startups to apply to live at his startup home rent-free.

“I commit to take a personal interest in the entrepreneurs selected to live in my KC Fiberhouse and will do what I can to provide feedback and advice,” said Feld.

According to the KC Feldhouse Website, up to five people will be selected by a panel that includes Feld, Scott Case of Startup America Partnership, David Cohen of TechStars and Lesa Mitchell of the Kauffman Foundation. Applicants will be asked to explain their project’s potential and how it could benefit from Google Fiber access.

To learn more about the Feld KC Fiberhouse Competition, visit this website.

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