KC Blues Rugby Club Uses RAZ Mobile To Raise Almost $30,000 For Homeless

By Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global

The KC Blues Rugby Club recently raised close to $30,000 for River of Refuge’s campaign to help the homeless through the fundraising application RĀZ Mobile, which was developed by Twentyseven Global. On March 6, 2014, the rugby team said that it would stay on the roof of the River of Refuge Transitional Living Center for as long as it took to raise $25,000. The team exceeded its goal on March 8, scoring $29,498.35 for the charity.



To raise funds, KC Blues and River of Refuge used RĀZ Mobile, a mobile fundraising application built by Twentyseven Global. The application allowed supporters to make donations to the charity directly from their phones, streamlining the donation process and making fundraising quick and efficient.

Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global, said, “It’s incredible to see RAZ Mobile’s platform used for such a fantastic cause. The app allows users to make donations right from the smartphone and provides non-profits with a larger mobile presence via social media integration, feedback about donors and real-time analytics. We’re proud to have been a part of developing the app and are excited about its future.”

Learn more or donate to the cause.


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