Dream Big America Announces First Monthly Finalist





By Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global


Looky Loo Light came out on top as Dream Big America’s first Final winner in the radio show that pits entrepreneurs against one another and lets listeners vote on their favorite.


Allison Carenza, CEO of Looky Loo Light, competed against John Jackovin, CEO of Bawte, and Alicia Herald, CEO of myEDmatch, with Carenza emerging victorious.

“We won we won!  We won!!!!  Ahhhh flipping out right now,” the Looky Loo Light team tweeted after the announcement was made Aug. 1.

The Looky Loo Light is a wireless attachment for cameras that keeps kids posing for pictures focused. Carenza, a photographer, came up with the idea for the product after struggling to photograph inattentive children.

In the Dream Big America Radio Show, entrepreneurs compete in hopes of gaining the audience’s favor. Listeners vote for their favorites, and every week, a winner is announced. At the end of the month, weekly winners compete for a prize package that varies from month-to-month.

Carenza and the Looky Loo Light team’s prize package totaled $19,000, containing cash and resources like program memberships and a free consultation with a distribution expert.

Twentyseven Global launched Dream Big America’s online technology in July.

Listen to a recording of the Aug. 1 show here, or visit Dream Big America for more information about the radio program.

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