Microsoft Open Sources Wide Array Of .NET Components

Last month, Microsoft announced that it will be open sourcing a large chunk of its Microsoft .NET libraries and technologies. Microsoft is also launching the .NET Foundation to oversee the development and stewardship of the process. Matt Henley, vice president of client service at Twentyseven Global, weighed in on the news.

Henley said, “Microsoft has long been opposed to open source in favor of tight control of not only their proprietary source code, but the platforms that it can execute on. This latest move to make their compiler stack open source is another sign that they are embracing open source at a fundamental level. This is good for developers, as well as IT buyers, as it should keep .NET applications relevant and cost competitive.”

According to ArsTechnica, the .NET Foundation includes representatives from Microsoft, GitHub and Xamarin, and the Foundation’s first big step will be releasing the Roslyn compiler stack as open source under the Apache 2.0 license. Read more about the announcement on ArsTechnica.

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