Mobile Application & Software Development Company Twentyseven Global Client Play-It Health Launches Ebola Education Campaign

Play-it Health, a healthcare technology company focused on adherence management, recently launched an Ebola education campaign.The campaign offers an Ebola education module through the Plan-it Med app. The app, developed by software and mobile application development company Twentyseven Global, uses education as a key component in helping patients improve their adherence to medical regimens. In this case, the Ebola education module’s purpose is to dispel some of the myths about the virus and improve public understanding of the disease.


Kimberly Gandy, CEO of Play-it Health, is also a former transplant cardiac surgeon. According to Gandy, “We launched an educational campaign on Ebola to provide some calm in the storm. When the panic was emerging we realized that our solution placed us in a unique position to serve a pressing community need — the rapid dissemination of validated medical information.”

In addition to the Ebola education campaign, Play-it Health has trials designed with Duke, Stanford and Truman and has recently entered into a partnership with Infusion Express. Play-it Health has also launched a crowdfunding campaign for its Ebola preparedness system that utilizes a virtual baseball stadium to track the campaign’s success.

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