New Denver Entrepreneurial Space Coming Spring of 2015

Innovators Peak has announced plans to build a public park at 1245 Champa that will act as a Denver entrepreneurial space for entrepreneurs to innovate and find resources. Denver has been known as an entrepreneurial hub for some time, thanks to Denver Startup Week, and now there will be a space to reflect that spirit.


Photo credit: Innovators Peak


Creighton O’Neal, vice president of client service of Twentyseven Global in Denver, said, “Denver continues to impress us with their ongoing support for local entrepreneurs. Having attended Denver Startup Week ourselves, the idea of taking that kind of entrepreneurial spirit and creating a permanent resource center for entrepreneurs not only shows the city’s investment in local businesses, but true forward thinking of the visionaries behind the 1245 Champa project.”

What makes 1245 Champa unique is the structure will be the first of its kind. There is no other space in the US that serves as a permanent entrepreneur resource hub. As a nod to Denver Startup Week, there will also be space for events to accommodate up to 300 people. Some main features of the space include:

  • Reception area with a staff member to welcome visitors and answer questions
  • Coffee shop and meeting area with booths, free Wi-Fi and garage doors to an outdoor patio
  • Three conferences with multifunctional uses thanks to modular furniture
  • Full catering kitchen
  • A second floor for organizations, tenants or entities with an entrepreneurial focus
  • Oblong technology, making Denver the third city after San Francisco and New York to use the technology

There are many great organizations behind this project, including the Office of Economic Development and International Trade, Comcast, JP Morgan Chase and PCL Construction. The leaders of this project are Tami Door, president and CEO of the Downtown Denver Partnership and Erik Mitisek, ceo of the Colorado Technology Association.

The Downtown Denver Partnership works toward growing the downtown area into a vibrant and economically healthy place with a focus on sustainability and diversity. The Colorado Technology Association is a nonprofit working on advancing the technology industry in the state.

O’Neal commented, “It is not surprising our friends from the Colorado Technology Association and the Downtown Denver Partnership are behind this extraordinary effort. We can’t wait to see the completed project and attend Denver Startup Week again in 2015!”

Construction is slated for completion this spring. For more information on the project, visit Innovators Peak.

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