Reasons to Fall for Mobile App Implementation

This Valentine’s Day, let your business fall for mobile app development and implementation by cozying up to the idea for a new mobile strategy that might make your heart sing. While you’re in the mood, find a developer who knows just how to talk to you about new strategies that might cool your icy exterior to all that nasty tech talk. Who knows; you might find a new love in the mobile space this year.

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According to Matt Henley, vice president of client service of Twentyseven Global in Kansas City, said, “We all know that a web presence became mandatory for small and medium sized businesses long ago. But increasingly, a mobile presence is becoming a priority regardless of the size of your business. We know mobile traffic now exceeds traditional PC browser based usage, and consumers expect to conduct business via their smartphone. Native apps and mobile optimized web applications are a requirement to engage today’s consumer and build brand loyalty.”

App usage is at an all time high. According to Search Engine Watch, 86 percent of executives use a tablet to search for products and services for their business. Seventy-two percent use a smartphone. Both mobile devices are used at high volumes throughout the day to grow their business. Those who have a mobile app can access these interested groups 24/7 as smartphones and tablets are used for browsing.

When you invest in mobile app development, you are not only creating a process that makes business processes easier. Simply by offering a mobile app, you create a grand image of your brand. AllBusiness contributed an article to Forbes about mobile app development and defined how brand recognition could improve your business.

Those who do download a mobile application are now even easier to send direct marketing messages. By using a combination of push notifications and app updates to ensure business data is up-to-date and user-friendly, companies who offer a mobile app can add to their mobile marketing strategy.

Lastly, businesses who offer a mobile app gain an advantage over competitors. While enterprise mobile app development is expected to grow significantly in 2015, according to Apperian, many businesses are slow to adopt their own application. Pushing a mobile app to the market before competitors is a good idea, but thinking of ways to make your app innovative to particularly suit the needs of your users will keep you ahead of the game. For example, using the mobile app as an additional line of communication for users is something not many businesses are offering yet.

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