Startup Health Colorado Set to Launch 30 Digital Health Startups

Colorado continues to be a hub for innovation in digital health. StartUp Health, a five-year-old company that aims to transform healthcare by investing in entrepreneurs who are passionate about revitalizing the future of the industry, announced last week that they would be launching their second regional affiliate in Colorado.

StartUp Health’s first regional affiliate in Finland has already seen lots of success. Launched in 2015, the accelerator has produced five startup companies in the healthcare field. According to MobiHealthNews, the startups range from an app that helps physical therapy patients track their performance, to a wearable device that is designed to reduce pain and swelling in surgery patients, to a diagnostics company that’s focused on earlier diagnosis of Lynch syndrome, a cause of various cancers. Needless to say, the results are already disruptingthe global healthcare realm.

According to the Denver Business Journal, StartUp Health Colorado will partner with Children’s Hospital Colorado, UC Health and CU Innovations to launch many healthcare focused startup companies in the area. The startup supporter plans to build and commercialize at least 30 health startups that match the needs of each institution and their patients. Gil Peri, senior vice president and chief strategy officer at Children’s Hospital Colorado says the launch of Startup Health Colorado will “reinforce our commitment to being part of building one of the most important health innovation hubs in the country.”

StartUp Health carefully chose Colorado as its next regional affiliate due to the area’s strong entrepreneurial spirit coupled with a focus on healthcare. Just earlier this year, Denver hosted the 10.10.10 challenge where 10 startup CEO’s had 10 days to solve 10 of the world’s most serious health problems. On October 19, the Prime Health Challenge will return to Denver where companies will vie for $150,000 in seed funding and a chance to work in partnership with host institutions which include various healthcare systems across Colorado.


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