Techweek KC Spotlights The Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit of Kansas City

In January of 2015, the Kansas City tech community learned that Techweek was coming to the area for the first time. Techweek is the leading technology conference in the nation, spotlighting the innovation and emerging tech voices in six cities that now includes Kansas City. By adding KC to the five other cities which include Chicago, Detroit, Miami, New York and Los Angeles, the spotlight on Kansas City’s tech knowledge and advancements only grows larger.



Matt Henley, vice president of Twentyseven Global’s Kansas City headquarters, commented, “We’re really excited to see Techweek coming to Kansas City. The list of speakers and events looks fantastic. But, besides being a really cool event, it’s also another sign that Kansas City is establishing itself as a technology hub. Techweek only operates in 5 other cities, all larger markets, so it’s great that we can bring such an event to our city.”

When Techweek announced the inclusion of Kansas City as a stop on their annual conference tour, they attributed the location choice to the city’s “…rapidly growing technology community bursting with new startup activity and venture capital investment.” Techweek KC is working in partnership with Launch KC’s startup competition to center the tech conference around a core event.

The conference lasts from September 14-20, 2015 and will be full of networking, competition, expos and parties. Techweek not only provides a conference full of exciting tech innovation, information and thought leadership to a burgeoning community hungry for knowledge, but it also puts a spotlight on the efforts KC is making to become a high ranking city of Silicon Prairie. The startup community is flourishing, thanks to help provided by numerous foundations and organizations in the area that provide advisement, funding and office space such as the Kauffman Foundation and Kansas City Startup Village. Thanks to Google Fiber’s selection of Kansas City as the first place for installation, the tech community has grown at a rapid pace. Nationally, Kansas City has received recognition as a tech innovator.

Techweek helps highlight the many amazing things Kansas City does in the tech and entrepreneur world. The conference only adds to the building credibility KC is gaining as a tech hub and centers the area as a knowledgeable authority on technology innovation. More startups focused in the technology sector will flock to Kansas City as well as investors who will give back economically by funding these startups bound for success thanks to the many area resources. As one of the original technology companies that helped spur the growth of the tech and entrepreneur community in Kansas City, Twentyseven Global is excited to see Techweek come to the area and let more companies know what the city offers.

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