Thanks Silicon Prairie News For Featuring Our Client Airport Life

I want to thank Amy Engle at Silicon Prairie News for featuring our client Dan Stratman, and his mobile appAirport Life, in a recent article.  I believe that this app truly offers an advantage to travelers, giving them the ability to access all the information in regards to their trip in one location.  As the developer of this app,Twentyseven Global recommends this Airport Life to any individual planning a trip!

KC pilot launches mobile app to aid ‘stressed and frustrated’ passengers

Airline captain Dan Stratman of Kansas City knows the frustrations of airline travel firsthand.

“As a captain for a major airline for 23 years, I encountered many stressed out and frustrated customers on my flights,” Stratman (left) said on Tuesday. “My uniform is like a magnet for people who need help and I’m very sympathetic to that and thought ‘I’m going to put all my inside knowledge to work into (an app) and include all the features people need.’ ”

Stratman lauched his app, Airport Life, in the Apple App Store four months ago and as of Tuesday, he said it’s been downloaded more than 16,000 times. The free app offers terminal maps for more than 100 airports, an itinerary tracker for flight details and weather information for a user’s departure and arrival cities. It also offers an “Airport Wall,” a feature that lets users interact and share information with other users.

For those who subscribe to the app’s “1st Class” upgrade (ranging from $1.99 for one month to $19.99 for one year), the app provides notifications for flight changes – Stratman said these often beat the airlines in notifying passengers – a “Where’s My Car” feature for both personal and rental car and an expense tracking feature. Stratman pointed out that these features are most relevant to high-frequency business travelers.


The idea for the app came to Stratman more than two years ago, when he himself was using a slew of apps to keep track of the different information he needed when traveling. Tired of bouncing back and forth, Stratman came up with Airport Life and his vision finally took flight with the help of Twentyseven Gobal, a software development firm.

The app faces competition from other travel apps, such as FlightAware Flight TrackerTrip Deck and USA Today Autopilot. While these apps were released a couple of years ahead of Airport Life, Stratman believes Airport Life has many advantages that will quickly put it on top. One of the advantages is its multifunctionality, with all of the information in one place rather than having six different apps to bounce back and forth between.

“After being in the industry for 23 years, I know what passengers go through and that gives us a big advantage because passengers know it comes from an industry expert so the information has more credibility,” Stratman said.

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