Twentyseven Global Advances Epilogue Systems, LLC, Past Competitors, Attracts New Business Opportunities With 8.0 Software Upgrades

Epilogue-Systems-LogoEpilogue Systems retained Twentyseven Global to advance its competitive edge by creating and upgrading all three components of the company’s software product to the latest version of 8.0. Twentyseven Global’s team of Microsoft .Net developers accomplished a complete re-write of the software under Epilogue Systems’ direction.

Cameron Kelley, chief operating and information officer of Epilogue Systems, credits Twentyseven Global for its flexibility and productivity. “Twentyseven Global was delivering results within weeks. At first, I was apprehensive about using a team overseas, but the developers were incredibly knowledgeable, proficient in multiple coding languages, responsive and timely. We could not have completed our goals without Twentyseven Global’s scalable and cost-effective business model,” said Kelley.

Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global, said, “We are delighted to be able to combine our software engineering expertise with Epilogue’s product vision. The results are game-changing in the way companies create and manage end-user documentation for their software.”

Epilogue Systems provides a complete solution for the automated creation, management and delivery of end-user training, help and support content for their clients’ critical software systems.

Kelley added that the software upgrades have moved their company into an extremely competitive position in the market. “In less than a year, we took an acquired technology from being two-years behind the market to leading the market and generating positive reviews from our clients. We are in the running for new major accounts and market verticals because of significant product changes we’ve made. We were able to get the required resources and accomplished this within our budget and received greater value for our money. Twentyseven Global not only provided software development services, but they were also part of the team,” said Kelley.

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