Twentyseven Global Attending Denver Startup Week

Twentyseven Global is excited to once again attend Denver Startup Week! The free conference runs from September 28, 2015 through October 2, 2015, to highlight the innovation, skills and teamwork that run through Denver’s growing startup community. Twentyseven Global’s Denver office is looking forward to the keynote events discussing national and area developments in digital health and mobile business needs.

Image Credit: Denver Startup Week

Image Credit: Denver Startup Week

Creighton O’Neal, vice president of Twentyseven Global’s Denver headquarters, commented, “We are looking forward to attending Denver Startup Week again this year. We have registered for several workshops and networking events throughout the week. We are especially excited to attend the Digital Healthcare Challenge on September 30th to watch our client Play-it-Health compete in the event!”

The goal of Denver Startup Week is to allow every member of a startup team, from founders to makers, to learn and grow in their roles. The conference inspires innovation by highlighting what some of the successful startup companies in the area and around the country are doing to see success through workshops, keynotes and panels.

Many of the events during Denver Startup Week are centered around giving startups advice on getting off the ground, performing market research, building a product, optimal office space solutions for startup cultures, leadership training, marketing, crowdfunding and more.

Twentyseven Global is looking forward to attending events exploring the future and technology behind digital health. The team is also looking at events that will discuss mobile business needs, digital marketing and coding trends. O’Neal and others from the Denver Twentyseven Global team will be attending happy hours and other networking events during the week as well.

Since Denver Startup Week is a free event, admittance to all events operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is recommended that those attending arrive at the events they want to experience early to guarantee a seat. To learn more about Denver Startup Week, visit their website.


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