Twentyseven Global Client Play-it Health Partners with Whiteboard2Boardroom Program to Commercialize Student-led Innovations


One Kansas City program is working to develop student-led innovations into realities with the help of entrepreneurs and startup companies. According to Startland News, KCSourceLink’s Whiteboard2Boardroom program has assisted in creating over 100 jobs and helped launch 29 startups in the Kansas City area over the last four years. Those companies have raised nearly $16 million in capital funding which has facilitated economic growth in the region. In addition, several Kansas City companies with close ties to Twentyseven Global have also partnered with this fantastic program.

Among those who have participated in the program is Play-it Health, which helps patients adhere to a personalized health care plan through a mobile app. Twentyseven Global developed a custom software platform for Play-it Health, and Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global, also serves as the company’s outsourced Chief Technology Officer.

Another notable company that has participated in the W2B program is EyeVerify, a company that Roatch was an investor in. In September, EyeVerify was acquired by Ant Financial, payments affiliate of e-commerce giant Alibaba, for over $100 million. According to the Kansas City Star, EyeVerify’s technology was invented by a team of computer science and engineering students at UMKC led by Reza Derakhshani. The startup company has grown under the entrepreneurial leadership of CEO Toby Rush.  

W2B partners with 13 schools in the surrounding area, including the Universities of Kansas and Missouri as well as the University of Missouri-Kansas City. In addition to tapping universities for innovative ideas, W2B has also formed partnerships with several KC-based corporations, including most recently Black & Veatch.

We are proud of our clients for partnering with the W2B program and encourage other companies to do the same. Programs like W2B help drive growth in the startup community as well as the overall economy of Kansas City.

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