Twentyseven Global Client, Play-it Health, Featured in Confluence Denver for Health Tech Mobile App and How it Will Affect the Digital Health Industry


Twentyseven Global client, Play-it Health, was recently featured in Confluence Denver, for its health tech mobile app, Plan-it Med. Through partnerships with HCA/HealthONE, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children and Uptown Primary Care at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, Play-it Health will test pilot versions of the app to evaluate its effectiveness.

Kansas City and Denver-Based custom software development company, Twentyseven Global, partnered with Play-it Health to develop the health tech mobile app through its startup program, Factory 27. Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global, said, “Gone are the days of leaving your clinician’s office with a page full of instructions and hoping for the best. This technology keeps the patient connected with their doctor, dramatically increasing the chances that the patient will successfully adhere to the prescribed medical regimen. This is transformational for patient care. It’s very exciting to be part of this innovation.”

The project is being funded by the seed money Play-it Health received for participating in Prime Health’s 2015 Digital Health Challenge. The challenge connected early-stage digital health companies with Colorado healthcare leaders. Play-it Health was one of eight finalists given the opportunity to pitch to investors, and through the competition was able to connect with HCA/HealthOne.

In the Confluence Denver article, Dr. Kimberly Gandy, founder and CEO of Play-it Health, said, “There have been many technological advancements in recent years that allow us to better understand and reach users. It is time to bring that knowledge to practice in the healthcare setting. Understanding when and why patients follow their health regimens in real time has the potential to revolutionize the way we practice medicine.”

Consumer dependency on mobile technology continues to increase. According to the Trends in Consumer Mobility Report from Bank of America, nearly 38 percent of U.S. adult consumers never disconnect from their smartphone. Consumers feel more connected and in control with mobile technology. For some consumers, their mobile phone is the one place they keep track of their important information, reminders and appointments.

The Plan-it Med app provides reminders and education so that users can improve health engagement. Users can receive reminders for medications and multiple other health elements and have the chance to accumulate points that can be redeemed for coupons, games and even reduced insurance premiums.

To see the full Confluence Denver article, click here.

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