Twentyseven Global Client RAZ Mobile Expands to Africa

Twentyseven Global client RAZ Mobile is making their mobile fundraising app international! RAZ announced their partnership with to bring their platform to the African market. By creating a RAZ Mobile platform in the African market, more charitable donations will be supported to help many people in the country.

Image Credit: RAZ Mobile

Lulaviva loved the way the platform was architected, the operation and integrations that Twentyseven global had created. The company offered to partner and help RAZ Mobile take the code and platform to Africa to help more people in need.

Matt Henley, vice president of Twentyseven Global Kansas City, said, “We are extremely excited about this charitable giving platform moving to a country that can greatly benefit from the technology. It was wonderful to be part of the transition and adjust the platform for Africa.”

Twentyseven Global assisted RAZ Mobile and Lulaviva in setting up the application for the African market. Together, they tweaked the software to handle African currencies and addresses before it launched in the new market.

Dale Knoop, founder and CEO of RAZ Mobile, said, “The platform Twentyseven Global built was great enough that Lulaviva saw the immense value it would bring to Africa. We are thrilled about the opportunity to help more people across the globe.”

Twentyseven Global originally built the mobile fundraising application for RAZ Mobile through Factory27, the tailor-made software development program for startups. The application allows people to make donations to their preferred charity directly from the phones. This allows the donation process to be streamlined and makes the fundraising process efficient.

When creating the app, Twentyseven Global created a fully-customizable, cross-platform web application with both customer and admin web portals. Twentyseven Global also set up the mobile donation process, created SMS longcode integration and provided quick ramp up and code rescue.

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