Twentyseven Global Develops Custom Application Enabling Customer Engagement for Kansas City Startup, Happy Food Co.


Denver and Kansas City-based custom software development company, Twentyseven Global, helped develop a custom application for Kansas City startup, Happy Food Co. Twentyseven Global worked with Happy Food Co. to build out their Eat Well Platform, which enables customers to join as members, browse menu items, select and reserve meal packages and pay for them.

Steve Roatch, CEO of Twentyseven Global, said, “As a startup company, speed to market was important to Happy Food Co., as well as the quality, look and feel of the solution. Happy Food Co. wanted a system that would scale to future business volumes without having to be rewritten. Using a combination of Microsoft .Net, AngularJS and other open source technologies, Twentyseven Global was able to build a quality solution that will scale for future needs. Happy Food Co. did an excellent job of laying out their vision and Twentyseven Global took the time to understand the business and translate that vision into a reality.”

Happy Food Co. designs and delivers high quality dinner kits with local ingredients that are cut, chopped and portioned out for you to turn into the perfect meal at home. The Eat Well Platform is meant to make dinner time easier by not having to spend the time to plan the meal. Happy Food Co. determined that off-the-shelf e-commerce software solutions would not be able to meet their unique requirements, so they searched for custom software providers that had a reputation for quality but also had the flexibility and speed to match their needs.

Jeff Glasco, founder of Happy Food Co., said, “We have worked with a lot of tech companies in the past. The reason I went with Twentyseven Global was because I wanted to ensure the company we worked with was going to deliver on time, on schedule and on budget with the right level of quality. They hit every single milestone along the way.”

Twentyseven Global and Happy Food Co. worked together to develop the Eat Well Platform that exists today. It is responsively designed, making it a user friendly solution on both desktop and mobile devices, however Happy Food Co. predicts that many of their users will use the system exclusively from their smartphones.

About Happy Food Co.

Glasco got the inspiration for the company after personally struggling with finding time to plan dinner each night after work. Glasco said, “I was in the grocery store one day and my wife and I both were working and trying to decide what to have for dinner. We were just walking around the grocery store getting the same food everyday. My problem wasn’t that I couldn’t cook. It was that every time we tried to get ahead it became too much work.”

Through the Eat Well Platform, businesses can sign up for workplace delivery, where you can browse menu items and place your order with the number of servings desired. Then Happy Food Co. delivers the food to your office, eliminating the hassle of making it to the grocery store after work. You can drive home with dinner already planned.

Chef Kiersten Firquain, co-owner of Happy Food Co. said, “Our dinner kit service is all about ease, convenience and fun. We’re connecting people with fresh local food, new and exciting flavors and top-quality ingredients from around our community. Happy Food Co. dinner kits make it easy to cook delicious, healthy meals at home, even when life gets crazy.”

To learn more about Happy Food Co. visit its website.

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