Twentyseven Global Gears Up To Attend Denver Startup Week

Twentyseven Global, a software development firm, is excited to be attending its first Denver Startup Week since moving to the Mile High City earlier this year. At the events next week, the team hopes to network with the amazing Denver software development, tech and entrepreneurial community and learn about ways to grow and improve Twentyseven Global and Factory 27 as well as the companies the firm represents.


One event you’ll find Twentyseven Global at is “Lean Product Development For Startups.” Creighton O’Neal, vice president of client services for Twentyseven Global’s Denver location, said, “The reason we chose to attend this event is to help us better assist our Factory 27 clients in building their products the right way with the budget they have available.”

The company will also be at “Minimum Viable Channel: Is Your MVP A Viable Business?” According to O’Neal, “Our Factory 27 clients often need our help in defining and building their minimally viable product so that they can raise revenue to take their product to the next level. This workshop should be very helpful to us in this area.”

O’Neal said that Twentyseven Global will additionally be attending “Product Management from the Trenches.” “It is key for our clients to have a product manager and understand what this means,” he explained. “We hope this lessons learned discussion from members of companies that been through this process provides additional insight that we can pass along to our clients.”

Finally, you’ll be able to find Twentyseven Global at “PrIME Health Collaborative Presents: You Ready to Build a Healthcare App? You Sure?” According to O’Neal, healthcare applications can provide significant value, however, there are a lot of regulatory challenges that must be taken into consideration when building these applications. He said, “The more information we have, the better we can strategize to turn these challenges to a competitive advantage for Twentyseven Global and our clients.”

Twentyseven Global’s team members will also network at various social events, where they plan to meet more people in the startup community, discuss past and present experiences and discuss ways to help each other be successful in the future.

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