Twentyseven Global Interviewed About Mobile App Development Tips In mrc’s Cup of Joe

Tray Ailshie, senior consultant at Twentyseven Global, shared some mobile app development tips in an interview with mrc’s Cup of Joe. The interview featured advice on how mobile app developers can create a great mobile user interface.

Photo: William Hook via photopin cc

In the interview, Ailshie said that simple animations can go a long way. “While designing for function is of the utmost importance, small design choices can have a large impact in creating a memorable user experience,”  he said. “Animated transitions between elements and other animated UI behaviors such as parallax scrolling can increase user engagement in your app or website. When used sparingly and seamlessly in your app or on your site, these small touches can convey a greater sense of polish while providing some ‘eye candy’ for the user. When paired with a minimalist or flat interface, these animation can provide some visual interest that may be absent in the layout.”

Read the article here for more tips on how to build a great mobile user experience.

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