Twentyseven Global Launches Cloud-Hosted Application with Modern Web Architecture on Open Source Platform for Startup Real Life 101

Kansas City and Denver mobile and software development firm, Twentyseven Global, launched a cloud-hosted application, featuring modern design on an open source platform for Real Life 101. The startup is an online education course called Personal Finance 101 which includes a teacher/administrator portal with reporting capabilities to manage users, districts, schools and classes. The portal is designed in such a way that it can be used with any future life skills courses Real Life 101 chooses to initiate, which they intend to do. Twentyseven Global also enhanced Real Life 101’s user interface with many new features to improve the user experience.


Photo Credit: Real Life 101

Creighton O’Neal, vice president of Twentyseven Global in Denver, said, “Twentyseven Global loves to work with startups and Real Life 101 had a clear vision for their product. Delivering their product with a modern web architecture on an open source platform is right in our sweet spot. Our goal was to deliver a learning management system to the client that met their functional and design specifications. In addition, we wanted to build them a fully scalable solution so their business can grow without technological limitations.”

Twentyseven Global decided the solution that best fit their needs was an cloud-hosted application built with a modern web architecture on an open source platform. The team ensured the system met all functional and design specifications.

About Real Life 101

Real Life 101 was started to help teach important life skills to young adults. Beginning with live events, the company quickly transitioned to an online platform to provide more information on a wider range of topics to a greater number of people. Real Life 101 also designs customized programs for institutions of higher education (2- or 4-year schools), community groups, corporate events, and non-profit organizations.

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