Twentyseven Global Looks Forward To Kansas City Software Development Companies & Startups Stepping Up To The Challenge At KC Reverse Pitch

The team at Twentyseven Global knows that Kansas City software development companies and tech startups have talent, and we’re excited for them to be stepping up to the challenge at the 2014 KC Reverse Pitch by developing solutions for some of the biggest corporations in the community.


On Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014, during Global Entrepreneurship Week, some of Kansas City’s biggest corporations will present issues for local entrepreneurs to tackle. According to Ryan Weber, president of KCnext, the goal is for smaller, local tech companies to develop proposed solutions for the bigger companies’ challenges as well as to foster the relationship between Kansas City’s entrepreneurial community and corporations.

Last year’s Reverse Pitch brought in 200 attendees at Union Station and involved companies like Sprint Corp., the Kansas City Chiefs and H&R Block Inc. This year’s event will also take place at Union Station from 3-5 p.m.

In an interview with the Kansas City Business Journal, Weber said, “Reverse Pitch is first and foremost an educational event. Rarely would a community get the opportunity to meet the people who set corporate strategy and learn about the problems they’re trying to solve. It’s also very unique because it’s uncommon for big corporations to openly pitch these partnership opportunities.”

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