Twentyseven Global Networks with Investors at ACG Wine Tasting Event

Our team at Twentyseven Global had the pleasure of networking with a number of investors and entrepreneurs at the ACG Kansas City Capital Connection & Wine Tasting event on May 12, 2016. This event, which we took part in sponsoring, was an opportunity for leaders in Kansas City’s business and investing community to connect over some incredible wine. Twentyseven Global has a long history of working with investors and entrepreneurs, so we were excited to take part in this event to help innovative new businesses get off the ground.

This networking event couldn’t have come at a better time: Entrepreneurial growth in the U.S. hit its highest point in the last decade from 2015 to 2016, according to the latest Kauffman Index of Growth Entrepreneurship. Twentyseven Global, working closely with several startups to provide custom software solutions, has also experienced significant growth, having seen a 44-percent compound annual growth rate in the past year.


Twentyseven Global CEO Steve Roatch said “The level of participation in this event underscores the entrepreneurial activity in Kansas City.  The usual suspects from Kansas City were present but we also met private equity firms from Chicago, Dallas and New York.”

Before the wine tasting, ACG hosted a Capital Connection networking event, bringing business owners, investment bankers, lenders, capital providers, private equity groups and others in the Kansas City area together for face-to-face interaction. Twentyseven Global had a fantastic time getting to know some of the investors who attended the event.

Thirty-one of our 54 clients are investor-backed, and they hire us for our proven track record of success and our unique approach to software development that emphasizes long-term solutions. Not only do we create the software solutions to help clients solve business challenges, but we also advise our clients on best practices to create a strong, long-lasting foundation.  Investors see us as risk mitigation. The know their investments will be spent wisely and the chances of successfully deliver dramatically increase.

Technologies we offer our clients include Microsoft .NET, mobile, open source and Java. Contact Twentyseven Global today to see which of our innovative, custom software solutions is right for you.

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