Twentyseven Global Visits Vietnam Software Development Office; Meets With International Team To Develop Business Strategy

The team at Twentyseven Global took a trip to visit its custom software development and Microsoft Silver Certified office in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City.Twentyseven Global has locations in Kansas City, Denver and Vietnam and traveled to meet with the international team to work on business strategy.


Twentyseven Global Vietnam Team Photo

Creighton O’Neal, vice president of Twentyseven Global Denver, said, “It was great to see our Vietnamese team members that we have been working with for many years and to meet some of our new team members for the first time. We spent a lot of time talking business strategy and process improvement, but we also made time to have some fun with the team. We wrapped up our visit by celebrating our successes with the team over dinner and music.”

Twentyseven Global’s team in Ho Chi Minh City acts as the company’s offshore software development team with unparalleled track records in software delivery. Over the years, their Saigon development team has delivered dozens of successful software implementations.


The Twentyseven Global Vietnam Team Out to Dinner

With the help of their development team in Vietnam, Twentyseven Global has defined and refined its software engineering process. The offices are Microsoft Silver certified and are the home to the Microsoft .NET development performed by Twentyseven Global. On their trip, the team discussed what role new open source technologies, such as Angular and Node.js, would have in future development projects.

Twentyseven Global’s developers must be in the top 25% of their graduating class. Thirty candidates are interviewed to fill one position and those that are hired go through a probationary period. From there, excellent leadership, training, compensation and career advancement opportunities lead to attrition rates that are among the lowest in the industry.

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