Count on our team of seasoned software architects to find the solution that fits your goals.

Enterprise Architectures

All successful software projects start with a solid back-end foundation. Selecting and implementing the correct Enterprise Architecture ensures your business can most effectively achieve its goals.

Our Expertise

Twentyseven Global differentiates itself as leaders not only in application development, but enterprise architectures. In fact, we excel at marrying existing infrastructure to new applications and architectures. Most of all, everything we build has long term scalability and interoperability in mind. Our Software Architects bring years of experience designing and delivering enterprise class, robust, and scalable architectures.

  • 300+ ASP .Net/Core API Engineers
  • 25+ Node.js Engineers
  • 400+ Java Engineers
  • 80+ PHP Engineers

Technical Competencies

  • Microsoft .Net
    • Microsoft Partner
    • .Net Core
    • ASP .Net MVC
    • Log4net
    • Windows Communication Framework
  • Node.JS
  • PHP
    • Laravel
    • Yii
    • Zend
    • Symfony 2
  • Other Competencies
    • Ruby
    • Python
    • Pearl
  • Java
    • Spring, Hibernate, Guice, Struts
    • Java EE, JSP/Servlet, JSF, JAX-RS, Spring Boot
    • Java Internationalization (i18n)
    • Swing, AWT, JDBC, CORBA
    • Java Networking, RMI, JNI, JNDI
    • Zookeeper, Spring Cloud, Eureka

A Broad Range of Technology Expertise