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    Spotlight | Analyst Relations
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    Web Application

Spotlight | Analyst Relations engages industry analysts like Gartner, Forrester and IDC on behalf of its clients to not only put them on analysts’ radars, but also to improve their overall perception.

Spotlight reached out to 27Global to build a custom software platform to streamline tracking and reporting of the analyst interaction and planning process. Previously, the Spotlight team used a combination of off-the-shelf management tools and spreadsheets to manage this process. But that process was time consuming, and was difficult to track metrics over time. Spotlight’s leadership team recognized the opportunity to reduce the effort required to produce reports through a custom software solution.

27Global built a Full Stack Javascript application using node JS on the back end and Angular JS on front end. The cloud-based application is fully hosted at Amazon AWS, using Amazon RDS for data storage and an Elastic Beanstalk application tier.

Streamlined Internal Processes

27Global fulfilled the initial request of automating the reporting process with a simple UI to track interactions over time. This pushed the MVP to market quickly and in a cost-effective manner. With the new software in place, Spotlight’s reporting process became much more automated, and the simplified user interface allows their employees to rapidly access real-time data, as well as review outcomes and historical data over time.

Increased Client Engagement

The initial implementation proved successful, so the Spotlight team has now embarked on the next phase – bringing their clients onto the platform and adding additional features. Phase 2 is currently in development and will enter production in the near future. When this phase is implemented, clients will be able to access their data in real-time, further increasing the value of Spotlight’s services.

Scalable Solution

One of the key benefits of the new software became apparent when Spotlight decided to scale-up to a client-facing interface: there was no need to re-architect the application. The initial decision to utilize an enterprise-class architecture ensured that later versions would not require significant changes to the architecture. In this way, the software can and will continue to adapt to Spotlight’s business needs over time and scale to meet user demand.

The Tre platform on laptop and mobile

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