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Connecting brands directly with consumers


TRE, a startup company that offers a mobile-based customer engagement platform, needed a web portal and mobile application to provide a better model for customer engagement to clients. The platform allows both large and small brands to engage directly with consumers by providing a unique TRE code. App users who enter the code see a feed of the brand’s original and curated content, appealing to them for exclusive information on product or deals.



The team at 27Global was uniquely qualified to tackle this greenfield project and began work to architect a customer engagement solution with five separate services for content integration. In addition to a management portal, they developed native Android and iOS applications to allow users to scan a TRE code. This unique ID tag is composed of a different numeric value at each section of a 3×3 grid that directs the end user to specific, curated content. The 27Global team also implemented voice-to-text search capability and integrated phone number verification.


TRE’s clients can log in to the portal, create a TRE code, create the content for that code and publish it; TRE administrators can also manage customer accounts, users, reporting and billing. Users can then see that TRE code in advertisements or other media and enter those digits into the app, which takes them directly to the content. This allows businesses to quickly and seamlessly connect with their core consumers to offer them exclusive deals or share information.



“27Global’s ability to explore alongside us and then deliver software solutions based on what we saw as the direction for the product – I thought was fantastic.”

-Dale Knoop, TRE Founder




Maintaining a steady stream of communication during the build, 27Global delivered a full content management system as part of the back-end portal where TRE’s business clients can create multiple codes.


Another attractive feature of this technology solution: It allows brands to attach different content to each code in a specific order, ensuring there’s always a frame of content associated with each code.


TRE users can also search for their favorite brands using only their voice, leveraging “always on” voice integration. Users simply speak the hot-word to tell the app to start listening, then say the keyword or phrase associated with the TRE code. The app will identify their voice input and direct them to the correct content without ever having to enter any digits.


Says 27Global’s Tray Ailshie, “The cutting-edge, always-listening feature of the TRE mobile app provides users with a fast and intuitive way to get to the content they want, allowing brands to more effectively target their customer base.”


TRE’s new app and web portal is a robust product that offers a wide range of functionality – closing the gap between brands and their consumers and providing the instant gratification our on-demand society has come to expect.



“The team from 27Global did a fantastic job in an area that really didn’t exist yet. I’d recommend 27Global to anybody.”

-Dale Knoop, TRE FounderAndrew Hsu, CEO, Spotlight Analyst Relations



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