Project Overview

The Center for Fiduciary Management (CFFM) provides investment monitoring services for the retirement plan industry.  In 2012, CFFM was seeking a development partner to assist them in growing their suite of investment monitoring products. They also shared an interest in upgrading their user management to a more flexible, Identity and Access Management (IAM) system. Over the past 5 years, Twentyseven Global has helped CFFM achieve their product surge by developing new RFP tools, a dashboard which summarizes plan data across multiple advisor portfolios, a new CRM that allows plan advisors to record client data and a log compliance-related interactions, and a a new group of applications geared at Broker of Record advisors.

Our Role

  • Redesign of existing UI and UX
  • Creation of new UIs using Google Material Design doctrine
  • Implementation of a new data warehouse process which eliminated the need for long running queries
  • API integration to existing CFFM applications
  • Implementation of a new IAM user hierarchy and migration of existing entities to the new platform