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Ernst-Van Praag (EVP)

Ernst-Van Praag (EVP) launched the first production cost consulting agency more than 40 years ago. Today, they lead this niche industry by providing advertisers with solutions to meet their production goals while maximizing their budgets.

Project Overview

Twentyseven Global engaged with EVP to rebuild their existing ASP/MYSQL system on modern .Net/Angular architecture and utilizing material design standards for the user interface. The new DataLink system will grow the organization’s capabilities with workflow enhancements, document management, and reporting. EVP assembled a focused team of core employees to work with Twentyseven Global in order to better understand their business and current challenges. Together, EVP and Twentyseven Global developed a new system that will add significant value to EVP and their clientele.

In August 2017, Twentyseven Global joined EVP at their annual company retreat in Atlanta to demo the new system for their employees. The feedback was quite positive and the EVP team is looking forward to implementing the system by the end of 2017. They believe it will make the business more efficient, modern and flexible. In December, EVP will have one client in a trial phase of DataLink and over the next few months, EVP expects to transition all of their clients to the new system.

Enhanced Workflow

DataLink has an enhanced workflow that better facilitates the daily activities of the EVP consultants, while being flexible enough for consultants to go back to prior steps in the workflow to make updates as needed. DataLink saves time, reduces paper and allows EVP to focus more on serving their clients, instead of working around an old system with inadequate processes.

Improved Document Management

Production jobs are often associated with many documents. Twentyseven Global helped EVP implement a new system that allows for these documents to be uploaded and managed within the system so that they can easily be retrieved and referenced in the future, as well as indexing those documents and making them searchable.

Robust and Flexible Reporting

As production cost consulting is a very data-driven business, the data must be efficiently aggregated so that EVP can produce detailed reports for its clients. Twentyseven Global built and integrated a new data analytics capability using Tableau, featuring beautiful and adaptable visual charts enabling EVP and its customers to view insightful and valuable data from many different and new perspectives.

Ongoing Development

As the first release of the DataLink system goes live, Twentyseven Global will remain the long-term development partner of EVP for ongoing support and enhancements of the system. Planning for the next major software release in 2018 is already in progress. Twentyseven Global’s flexible resource model allows EVP to ramp resources up and down as their needs change.