DevOps: Software Development’s Quantum Leap

devops software development quantum leap

Let’s face it, running a successful company is as much art as it is science. Getting a group of people to efficiently work together can be a daunting and sometimes difficult task. The most successful companies, though, manage to create a culture that values efficiency and ownership, where people thrive, collaboration happens and customers are […]

How to Weather the Storm: Lessons From a 2008 Startup

how to weather the storm 2020 business

When I hear somebody say “unprecedented,” the most overused word of the coronavirus era, I think of Samuel L. Jackson’s character in “Pulp Fiction,” daring his unfortunate victim to “Say what [unprecedented] again!” Sure, the specifics of this coronavirus pandemic are unique. But we’ve seen recessions, depressions, national emergencies, wars, and even pandemics before. The […]

CI/CD + Test Automation for the Hackathon Win

A group of 27Global software engineers hold up shirts in excitement.

I have been writing code professionally for over a decade so when I get the chance to build something that is not work related, I feel a childish glee. This chance comes at least once a year, when I participate in HackMidwest, Kansas City’s largest hackathon. HackMidwest is a 24-hour hackathon where teams are encouraged […]